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Welcome to Pack 228!

The three amigos of Cub Scouting

Meet T.C. the tiger, Akela the wolf, and Baloo the bear. They will lead your son along the trail of Cub Scouting. Learn more about the ranks of Cub Scouts and the Dens of Pack 228 here. Cub Scouting is best as a family activity – parents should become den leaders or committee members, and share in their son’s Scouting experience.

About Us

Boy Scout Pack 228 is part of the Trailblazer District of the Dan Beard Council which includes parts of south west Ohio and northern Kentucky, more commonly known as the “Greater Cincinnati Tri-State Area”.  We are chartered to the Hebron Lutheran Church, in Hebron, Kentucky.  We emphasize family-centered activities, group activities, learning, and having fun. We encourage the parents and brothers to become involved.  Not only is it more fun that way, but the boys will get more out of the program when it becomes a family event.

In order to join, a youth must be in at least the 1st grade or be at least 7 years old.  The Pack is divided up into dens of 4-8 boys according to their age.  The book and uniform your son will need depends upon which den he enters.  Boys who are in the 1st grade (or 7 years old) enter into a Tiger Cub den.  Boys in the 2nd or 3rd grade (or ages 8 or 9) enter into a Cub Scout den and work on the ranks Bobcat, Wolf and Bear.  Boys in the 4th or 5th grade (or age 10) enter into a Webelos den, and work on the Webelos rank or the Arrow of Light Award.  Boys who have completed the 5th grade, or are 11 years old years old can join Boy Scout Troop 228

Feel free to contact us with any questions.  We thank you for your interest in our Pack and hope to hear from you.  Even if you don't join our Pack, we hope that you become involved in a Pack near you, and that your days in Scouting are memorable and rewarding.

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Pack 228
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